The cost of the journey and the deposit.


The cost of journey consists of the rent of the auto hotel, transport expenses during the trip and the cost of transfer for meeting the tourists and the way back to Verona. Only the whole auto hotel can be rented and only with the driver.

Maximum passengers – 8 people

The cost of rent (living) in the auto hotel is 120 euros per day, the cost isn't changeable.
Transport expenses are counted according to the real expenses during the journey.  They consist of the cost of diesel fuel, cost of highways, tunnels, bridges and ferry-boats. fuel consumption is 22-25 liters per 100 kilometers, the cost of fuel and the highways is various in different countries.
It also depends on the area an time of the day. .(For instance, the cost of the highways in Austria at nighttime(10pm-7am) is twice as expensive as during the day. Approximately, if to take into account the cost of transfer to and from Verona, transport expenses will be 5 euros per 10 kilometers. First 50 kilometers are free.

For instance:

1.The cost of the journey- 14 days, 1500 kilometers start and finish of the journey is in Malpenza airport, Milano)

The rent of the auto hotel (living) is 14days x 120=1680 euros.

Transport expenses (1500 km+400 km-50 km) х 0.5 euro=925 euros.

In total: 1680+925=2605 euros

2. The cost of the journey- 10 days, 2000 kilometers( start and finish of the journey is in Malpenza airport, Milano) 

The rent of the auto hotel (living) is 10 days x 120=1200 euros.
Transport expenses- 2000 km х 0.5 euro=1000 euros.

In total: 1200 euros+1000 euros=2200 euros  If there are 8 people on the journey the cost so 275 euros per person (27 euros a day).

This sum doesn't include meals. If the tourists buy products in the supermarket and cook themselves, the cost of meals is about 10 euros per person a day. The products are good- fresh vegetables, fish, seafood, wine


At the beginning of the journey the tourists pay the deposit for the auto hotel -250 euros. It'll be back at the end of the journey except for the sum of broken equipment or lost belongings) In appendix1 you'll see the rules of living in our hotel.


The routes of the travels