Why is it comfortable and convenient with us?

Our auto hotel is constructed on the individual project using all modern technologies. For the tourists’ comfort auto hotel is well-equipped.

     *You needn't study the organization of the autohotel and worry about its failures

    *You don't need category C to drive the auto hotel

    *You needn't worry about the traffic regulations and parking places.

 All these are the driver’s responsibility.

You rest and enjoy the beauty in the company of your close people.

Автоотель имеет категорию транспортного средства М1, т. е. это легковой автомобиль, а это значит, что не смотря на внушительный внешний вид наш отель всегда привезет туристов непосредственно к туристическому объекту, высадит вас и заберет обратно в назначенное время.

Большинство туристов во время путешествия останавливается в отелях, а это или дорого или далеко от туристического центра.

С нами все легко и просто.

1. You don't waste money ....

either for buying tickets for public transport to get to the city center and back or for the parking places for your car.

2. You save time and money ...

to reach the city center and come back to your hotel, look for the free parking place and search for your car there.

3. You have the choice of the place for lunch and dinner. 

The meals in cafes and restaurants in Europe isn't the reasonable expense item for the tourists. In our case the tourists save 20-30 euros per person per day, and the quality of meals is better.

4. You are absolutely free ...

You needn't think in advance about the hotel booking for your journey and the time you need for rest and sightseeing. In case of bad weather you are safe. There can be weather surprises in Central Europe because of the Alps, that are unpredictable.

5 Rest and let the whole world wait...

You want to relax, rest and get pleasure during your journey. Remember the situation when you want to try German beer at the moment when you really want but not when you can if you leave your car at the car park. In Italy you can have only one glass of vine for the dinner, in case if you want to drive your car. And in the morning you want to rest but you need to get up as already promised your children to go to the entertaining Gardaland.

6 Your belongings are safe...

Unfortunately there are many thieves in popular European cities. In our case all your luggage and belongings are looked aft by our driver.

7 Individual tour....

We offer you individual tourism, this means that you decide only on the point who to travel with. You'll sea lot of new and interesting things, visit the places where you can't get being a group tourist.

 8 We have everything you need!...

There are bicycles and mountain skiing equipment in the auto hotel. It means you can vary your rest any moment you want. You can bike along the beautiful park or embankment. Mountain skiing resorts work any time of the year. If you wish you can ski in Switzerland and Austria. Our prices are lower than the offers of other companies.

 9 Pleasure for your children ....

Our offer is very actual for the families with children. All children like to play and to entertain, it's hard for them to sit in one place for a long time. We can plan the route according to your and your children's wishes. You can change your route at any moment and drop into the entertainment park or to the lake.

 10 Fair price....

Our journey price is simple and clear Utensils, linen, gas and water and driver’s salary and meals are included into the rental price.

 11. Entrust your rest to professionals ....

Our drivers have professional driving license and big experience driving vans. They know perfectly well european traffic regulations and demands of the local authorities. The drivers know european routes well and can offer you the best possible variant.

 12 You'll make your choice-a romantic evening or a merry party.... 

In our auto hotel you'll always find everything necessary for having s picnic in fresh air. You must agree that it's a real pleasure to find yourself in a beautiful calm place after a noisy city and a lot of tourists around. You can cook grilled fish and barbecues and listen to the silence and contemplate the greatness of mountain picks or wander along the brim of the sea.

 13. Our auto hotel is at your disposal....

We offer free transfer within 50 kilometers distance. You need to buy a ticket and let us know the date and the name of the airport. We’ll arrange all the rest. You'll enjoy your rest accompanied by your close people. At appointed time our auto hotel will meet you, and at the end of the journey we’ll see you off to the airport of your departure. You'll be home within 3 or 4 hours. You'll remember the great time you've spent with us.

 14 Rest, pleasure and business...

It's not a secret that Italy is the trendsetter. All fashionmongers and businessmen order and buy popular brands there. You can go to famous factories and outlets together with us. You can also find new business offers from Italian partners for partnership. If you order our tour you save your time and money for rest in charming Italy. In this case you can discover unknown Europe for yourself.

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Our tourists dream and plan a new journey at the time they are on the tour. 

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