A note to the tourists

Good day, dear guests of the auto hotel Yelissey. We are glad that you've chosen rest and travel with our auto hotel. We’ll do your best for your rest to be comfortable and interesting for you. There is lot of expensive and modern equipment in the auto hotel for your comfort. Please, use it carefully and accurately. If you damage the equipment or furniture, you must pay the full price for it. The cost of the equipment is in the appendix1.

There are the containers for clean and dirty water in the auto hotel that makes tourists’ journey comfortable for a long time but still we ask to save water.

There is gas supply in the auto hotel. Smoking is forbidden inside and near the auto hotel.

According to European safety rules we pay your attention to the following restrictions:

- All the passengers must sit in the seats with fastened seatbelts ( in case of a fine, it will be for them passenger)

While the auto hotel is on the road, it is forbidden

1. To unfasten the seatbelts, stand up and move inside the auto hotel.

2. To use toilet, basin, gas stove and shower

3. To open the doors, windows, ladder at the entrance to the auto hotel


Dear guests, please be careful about the safety rules while the auto hotel is on move. Don't leave you belongings and utensils unfastened.

Remember, your safety depends on you. While the auto hotel in on the road, the microphone and intercom are switched on for the passengers to contact the driver.


Use the alarm to stop the auto hotel in case of emergency. If you have questions contact the driver.


Appendix 1. (Cost of the equipment))

1. Big window 350 euros                                                   350 евро.

2. Small window 100 euros

3. Big Hatchway 400 euros

4. Small hatchway 100 euros

5. Shower unit 350 euros

6. Wash-basin, toilet bowl 200 euros.

7. Gas stove 200 euros

8. Fridge 750 euros

9. Conditioner 750 euros

10. Tv, sound system 200 euros

11. Utensils (1 item) 2 euros

12. Mirror (1 item) 50 euros

13. Cleaning canalizations 100 euros

The routes of the travels