To travel around Europe for 15 euros per day is real!

Travels around Europe are on the huge exclusive auto hotel with the driver. Rent of the auto hotel is 120 euros per day, maximum number people is 8. We’ll meet you where it is convenient to you, and we’ll go according to your route or according to the one of ours. Auto hotel is equipped with everything you need for your comfortable trip and rest. We have 2 separate bedrooms, in each bedroom there are 2 double beds, wc with a shower, a kitchen and a living room.

The driver won't bother you, the auto hotel is at your disposal.

We’ll show you the charming cities and countries of Europe, luxurious beaches and Alpine lakes

- the places that you’ve passed by many times but didn't have a chance to stop.

Order your unforgettable personal tour for the price of the bus tour.


The routes of the travels